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"50th Wedding Anniversary Punch Bowl Set" - by Douglas Ferguson - 1986
"50th Wedding Anniversary Punch Bowl Set" - by Douglas Ferguson - 1986
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This exquisite Punch Bowl - with 16 matching punch cups - is from the Ferguson's Family Collection. This set was hand thrown and decorated by the artist and founder of Pigeon Forge Pottery, Douglas Ferguson.

It is one of five sets created for the occasion of the Ferguson's 50th wedding anniversary. One set went to each of their four daughters and one set was kept by Douglas & Ruth Ferguson.

This is the only set that has been offered outside of the family.

The bowl is a magnificent piece to display all by itself. It is carved along the rim and the carved area is glazed with a brown glaze. The entire bowl and cups are glazed with the exquisite spotted tan, hand formulated glaze, for which Mr. Ferguson was famous.

The bowl measures 10” high x 10” wide at the top. The base is 4” wide.

The cups are 3.5” high x 3.25” wide at the top rim, and 1.75” wide at the base.

The cups are signed “D. Ferguson” and most are dated “1986”.

The bowl is signed “Douglas Ferguson” and dated with their 50th anniversary date of "9-14-86".

The punch bowl and 16 cups are in excellent condition and have no flaws.

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